Dragoncon 2015: John Noble


Dragoncon 2015 is winding down, but Caped Crusades will have content for the next several days from Dragoncon, including interviews with people who voice some of your favorite Batman personalities!

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Now the first person to play Scarecrow in the seminal Batman: Arkham series of games was veteran voice actor Dino Andrade, who we had the pleasure of an exclusive interview with and will post later this week. But in the latest game in the series, Arkham Knight, the role of the Scarecrow was played by John Noble of Fringe & Sleepy Hollow fame. In addition to plenty of questions about Fringe (Walter Bishop remains his favorite character he has played) & Lord of the Rings at Dragoncon Noble talked a little bit about his involvement with the game:

"Arkham Knight was made over a very long time, I worked on it for over two years. You work with a producer the whole time. And as we went we developed ideas as to how we approached the character. There were minute shifts in vocals over time, but that’s part of the process. It was a long journey."

John Noble said he does enjoy going to cons such as Dragoncon because it lets him actually interact with fans in person, and while he enjoys cosplay he doesn’t get to see a lot of it because he’s not on the floor that much.

You can next see John Noble in the upcoming season of Elementary, where he will play Sherlock Holmes’ father. And you can hear him in Arkham Knight as the Scarecrow right now. Look forward to more interviews from Dragoncon in the following days!

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