Unreleased ‘Justice League’ Game Concept Art!


Way back in 2010 – a mere 3 years after the cancellation of George Miller’s Justice League Mortal film – video game makers Double Helix nearly brought us a pretty massive project of their own.

We’ve seen some of the art and gameplay footage before, but now concept work from the original artist has surfaced. It features detailed looks at the playable characters directly from  Stephen G. Wells.

As you can see, it was pretty Bat-centric, with many variants and skins. You can see some of the gameplay here.

"This title was in development for the Xbox 360 by Double Helix, and had some leak concept art in 2012. No video until now.This footage was obtained for prototype preservation purposes. No binaries are exchanging hands for this. It is believed that this video falls under fair use for educational and research purposes."

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Here’s a video rundown of the project.

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Via: Comicbook.com

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