Star Wars Special: C-3PO #1 Explains How The Droid Got His Red Arm


If you’ve seen any images of C-3PO from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you probably couldn’t help but wonder about one bit change to everyone’s favorite protocol droid: what’s up with that red arm?

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I don’t have an answer for you, but I can tell you where to find it. Star Wars Special: C-3PO #1 is on the way in December, promising to tell a solo tale of adventure for the mostly gold droid. Wait a minute … solo tale? That sounds like he could find himself in a good bit of trouble.

Details are scarce for now, except that the story will cover how he lost his left arm and why he’s rocking a new red one in The Force Awakens. It’s also written by James Robinson and illustrated by Tony Harris, so even if you weren’t curious as to what happened, you may want to pick this one up anyway.

“That’s a really exciting part of doing this story,” Robinson said in a press release. “I saw a photo of C-3PO with his red arm the other day and I thought ‘Wow, I’m the writer who gets to explain that.'”

He does indeed. Look for the truth behind the read arm in Star Wars Special: C-3PO #1, which will be in stores the same month as The Force Awakens. You know, just in case you didn’t have that release date marked on your calendar already.

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