You Can Work with Zack Snyder on DC Films!


For ten years Doritos has been running the Crash the Super Bowl campaign where aspiring filmmakers create a 30 second ad for the company to air during the Super Bowl.

This year there’s an even bigger incentive to win the prize. The ad will be voted on by fans this time around and the champion will receive $1,000,000 and get to work with Zack Snyder on an upcoming DC film!

"Think up an idea for a 30-second DORITOS® brand commercial to air during the broadcast of Super Bowl 50. Make it bold. Make it action-packed. Make it funny. Make it something we’ve never seen before. It’s up to you. Just make it awesome. Read the Official Rules and then download the toolkit to get started.TOOLKIT"

Here’s what he’s looking for:

"I think [the] idea is central — where you really see something shine and jump out. And [also asking], “What’s the intent? What is the goal?”, and seeing whether that’s achieved. When something works on you emotionally, or from a humor standpoint, or [from] whatever way it’s designed to work, when all those cylinders are firing — that’s something is really amazing. Especially in a commercial form, because you have to shorthand so much of the language to get to the joke, or the drama, or [to] whatever the intent is.I think that that, in the past, when you look at the spots done in the past by people for the campaign, you really feel the individual’s personality come through in the spots. When you look at a [typical] corporate spot, something that’s been manufactured through corporate channels, the filmmaker gets crushed out of the process."

What advice does Snyder have for those filmmakers trying to break into the business?

"I’ve been back to film schools and people ask me, I always go, “It’s a weird business, there’s no one way in.” In the world that we’re in, there are opportunities now, because the technology has gotten to the point where it’s at everyone’s hands, almost. Your iPhone has a pretty camera on it. And then it comes down to, “What is your story? What do you want to say? Who are you?” The amazing thing about this program is finding the voices. It’s funny — everyone has a movie camera. Everyone can make a movie. But there’s not more movies because of it, [or at least] not necessarily more good movies. So it’s about the filmmakers, it’s all about the personality and that talent."

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If this interests you, you can apply right here!

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