Zod Doesn’t Interact With Batman In Batman v Superman?


So what exactly is the extent of Michael Shannon’s role in Batman v Superman? Who knows at this point. He claimed he had “flipper hands” on while filming, then retracted that statement, saying he was only doing voiceover for the film. Now Comicbook.com has received an exclusive clip from Larry King live where Shannon clarifies his role in Batman v Superman a little bit more, but it also raises some more questions.

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You can watch the clip at Comicbook.com in the link provided above, but basically Shannon claims he told the story about the flipper hands because he’s under a lot of pressure and sometimes says silly things. He reiterated that he was more like a ghost in the film, but also said he does not interact with Batman in the movie.

Now saying that he doesn’t interact with Batman v Superman could mean several things. The simplest explanation is that that’s as far as Zod’s role goes in the movie-a ghost of Superman’s past, and he’s not Doomsday as has been heavily rumored for a long time (note that Doomsday still isn’t actually confirmed to be in Batman v Superman at this point). It could also mean that Batman isn’t directly involved in a big showdown with Doomsday, which wouldn’t be that implausible as Doomsday would destroy Batman quite handily. We probably won’t know the full story until Batman v Superman actually hits theaters March 25th.

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