First Two Dark Knight III: The Master Race Custom Retailer Variants Unveiled


Variant covers are a big part of the comic book these days, and they’re coming at us in a variety not seen since the 1990s. Even so, DC is doing something different and cool for Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1, which will hit stores on November 25.

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DC is working with retailers so they can have an artist design a variant cover only available at their store, chain or website. Print runs of each one will be limited, and they’ll be available on the same day the regular issues go on sale.

The list of artists already involved with the variant program is ridiculously impressive, featuring everyone from older masters (Neal Adams and Bill Sienkiewicz) to current big names (Greg Capullo and John Romita Jr.) to rising stars (Jason Fabok) to artists who aren’t even associated with Batman at all (like Kevin Eastman and Michael Allred). It truly is something for everyone, and the program is only going to continue to grow in the weeks to come.

Today, DC revealed the first two Custom Retailer Variants, which you can see below. The first one is by Jae Lee for Dynamic Forces.

And the second is by Sean Murphy for Charlotte’s Rebel Base Comics & Toys.

DC is advising that you ask your store if it’s going to be involved with the program, but you can peep the current full list of participating retailers on the DC blog.

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