Suicide Squad: Who Is The Big Bad?


It seems really obvious that the big bad is in Suicide Squad is the Joker, right? I mean he’s the Joker. Aside from Batman, only a highly trained team of psychopaths could probably stop him. It’s so obvious. In fact, maybe a little too obvious. So while Joker may be a big presence in Suicide Squad, he may not be the ultimate threat they face.

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Heroic Hollywood is reporting that the main villain of Suicide Squad may in fact be Ecnhantress, played by Cara Delevingne.

Assuming this is true, the plot would be that Enchantress is out to resurrect her brother, which would bring about the end of the world. Sounds like a job for the Justice League to me, but hey, maybe they are busy doing something else. Anyways, while most certainly a rumor, it’s extremely plausible. In all the set shots and the released trailer of Suicide Squad, we have yet to see Enchantress, so she may not even be part of the team, and therefore a major foe. Does this mean Joker’s role is a lot smaller than initially thought? We’ll just have to find out when Suicide Squad opens in theaters August 5th.

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