The Flash: Wally West Could Become Kid Flash


Don’t expect Wally West to show up on The Flash in Season 2 and just waltz right into becoming Kid Flash. But don’t expect it not to happen either, at least a little further down the road.

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Confused? Wally was the original Kid Flash in the comics, eventually becoming the Flash in his own right when Barry Allen was thought to be dead — as the result of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, an event that has kind of, sort of been referenced in the TV series in the newspaper from the future that Reverse-Flash kept checking in Season 1.

Even the newer incarnation of Wally that has been around for the last few years of New 52 comic book continuity is destined to become a speedster. So it stands to reason that he’d be in line for a similar fate on The Flash, and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg isn’t downplaying that possibility.

In fact, he recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and addressed the potential sidekick angle directly, using the mentor-pupil relationship from The CW’s other super hero series as an example.

"I would liken Wally coming in to the way we brought on Colton Haynes on to Arrow. Just like with Colton Haynes, who eventually one day put on the Arsenal costume, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day Wally West becomes Kid Flash."

Arrow fans will note that it took several seasons for Roy Harper to truly become Arsenal, and that may be the case with Wally as well. Kreisberg states that we should look for Iris West’s nephew to play a bigger role in the second half of Season 2, so expect actor Keiynan Lonsdale to be a guy with more scenes in 2016 than this fall.

The Flash kicks off its sophomore season in less than a month, speeding back onto The CW lineup on Tuesday, October 6.

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