Dragon Con 2015: Attendance And Charity Results


With just over 70,000 people in attendance, Dragon Con 2015 was amazing this year. I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the convention for free with a press pass to represent Bam Smack Pow, and I had a blast. Throughout the week, I’ve published posts about the amazing cosplay I saw there, as well and the press conferences I was able to attend. I thought I would finish off the week with an article about Dragon Con itself, and the accomplishments that the convention staff and attendees pulled off in charity work this year.

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One of the great things that we geeks and nerds can do when we come together in such large numbers is use the opportunity to give back to our world, and Dragon Con gave us the chance to raise money for Lymphoma Research Foundation and donate blood for the Robert A. Heinlein “Pay It Forward” Blood Drive. Click the link here to find out more about the charity work done by Dragon Con, including information about the newly created Dragon Con Superheroes.

According to Dragon Con Director of Media Relations Dan Carroll, they are estimating that attendees helped Dragon Con raise $100,000 for the Lymphoma Research Foundation, but as of my latest email from Director Carroll, final calculations were not in — so that number could still go up.

I had a great time at Dragon Con 2015 and am looking forward to Dragon Con 2016 when I hope to once again be attending on behalf of Bam Smack Pow!

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