Is Josh Brolin Mad about Not Being Batman?


He may be Thanos, The Mad Titan, but is Josh Brolin upset about missing out on the role of The Dark Knight in Batman v Superman?

Back when we had just heard about the BvS project, one of the few names being thrown around for Bruce Wayne was former Goonie Brolin. As we all know, Ben Affleck eventually landed the role (with much convincing, apparently) and Josh moved on to Marvel.

MTV caught up with Brolin at the Toronto Film Festival while he plugged his film Sicario and asked him about the part and if he’s jealous about not donning the cape and cowl.

"I don’t have that thing, I wish I did. It would just be more interesting and more competitive, damn him. As much as you guys want to be pissed off, be pissed off, it’s all good. Start a [bleep]ing riot… I’m really curious what he does, beyond curious."

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Sounds like he’s ok with it, but it also sound a little passive aggressive. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play Batman and take a swing at Superman on screen.

I think he’s jealous.

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