Preview: Sam Wilson, Captain America #1 Finds Sam Flying To New Heights


Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers have been close friends for years. That friendship was one of the main reasons that Steve hand-picked Sam to take on the mantle of Captain America when he was left too physically frail to continue on in the role himself. In the All-New, All-Different Marvel debut of Sam Wilson, Captain America #1, the former Falcon is still flying high as the Sentinel of Liberty, but the relationship that helped him get the job has changed.

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Eight months after the end of Secret Wars, Wilson and Rogers are definitely on the outs. What happened to drive a wedge between them will undoubtedly be one of the main mysteries that writer Nick Spencer and artist Daniel Acuna work to unravel in the new series, as well as exploring which of their mutual friends support each man.

Along with that, Marvel is promising “new friends, new foes, and a new beginning” for Sam, which makes sense since if the Marvel Universe really is going to be “All-New, All-Different.” We’ve got several pages of issue #1 below for your previewing pleasure (props if you recognize the male guest star on page 2 without having to look him up on Wikipedia), along with variant covers by Acuna and John Cassaday. Don’t miss out on the new adventures of the only Captain America so far with his own wings, as Sam Wilson, Captain America #1 goes on sale everywhere on October 14.

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