Why Won’t DC Movies & TV Crossover?


We won’t really know if DC has a handle on the movie universe thing until their slate of movies start coming out next year. But I think most would agree the DC TV universe is going swell. Gotham, Arrow & Flash are all hits, and Supergirl & Legends of Tomorrow look to continue that trend (along with Titans or whatever it’s going to be called down the line). So are we going to see any crossover between the TV shows and movie universes? Probably not, according to DC head Diane Nelson.

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Despite the success Marvel has had with a completely connected universe, Nelson claimed that DC doing such a thing “could end up handcuffing our creators into trying to work with the same storyline or force them to hold back characters or introduce certain characters. Ultimately it hinders the ability for someone like (showrunner) Bruno Heller to come in and create ‘Gotham.’”.

Nelson admitted Marvel’s strategy has worked out very well for them, but that the tonal differences of the shows (specifically Gotham & even animated fare like Teen Titans Go) would be hindering.

Of course, this is completely ignoring the fact that Marvel’s TV & movie efforts are tonally different and work. Just look at Daredevil compared to the movies. If DC wants to go a different route that’s fine, but I feel this explanation is flawed and is actually hindering them quite bit. We’ve heard numerous instances of Arrow being hindered because DC doesn’t want them using certain characters (including characters who have already been on the show). And frankly having a movie & TV Flash is going to be confusing. This train of thought just has me all the more worried for the future of the DC cinematic universe in general.

h/t Variety

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