First Look: New Team, Same Mission, More Deadpool In Uncanny Avengers #1


The Avengers Unity Squad was a good idea. Even though things got a little hairy in the first two volumes of Uncanny Avengers, it doesn’t mean the concept of Avengers and X-Men working together to promote acceptance between humans and mutants wasn’t worthwhile.

Steve Rogers still believes in the underlying idea, which is why Uncanny Avengers #1 sees him assembling a new team for the same mission. This one has Rogue, Spider-Man, the Human Torch, Doctor Voodoo, Quicksilver and Synapse. Also Deadpool, and if you read AXIS, you know he’s been chomping at the bit for a chance to be an Avenger for some time.

Here’s what marvel has to say about the shiny new Avengers Unity Squad and its adventures as chronicled by writer Gerry Duggan and artist Ryan Stegman:

"United under one banner, these seven heroes will stand shoulder to shoulder in the public eye – a shining beacon of cooperation between human, inhuman and mutant alike. But with a dangerous new villain on the prowl, the bonds of this untested squad will stretched. Are cracks in the unity squad already beginning to form?"

I think it’s some kind of rule that every bit of comic book promotional text must include a rhetorical question somewhere. In other words, it would be an upset if cracks weren’t starting to form in the new team. We’ll find out for sure when Uncanny Avengers #1 goes on sale on October 14, but take a look at the preview pages below and see if you can put together your own theory before then.

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