Preview of Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis #2


Many of you out there gobbled up Batman: Arkham Knight when it hit gaming platforms (flaws and all) but not quite as many of you followed the story in comic form.

Honestly, you should probably give this one a chance. If, for no other reason, you get to see Deathstroke in action. Because, you know, Deathstroke. You may not believe it but the Arkham books may be one of the better Batman books being printed today. It does occasionally reveal things meant to be discovered in the game, but it also expands on the narrative, giving you more than just the DLC. Here’s a look at the new Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis #2!

"In a story spawned by the smash-hit game of the summer, Batman: Arkham Knight, the origin of the enigmatic Arkham Knight continues! Don’t miss our stunning second issue, the details of which are too hot for solicits! Need we say more?"

Via: Nerdist

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Arkham Knight Genesis #2 is out NOW

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