Max Landis Says Batman Could Beat The Avengers


Max Landis is a hot Hollywood up-and-comer and is no stranger to the superhero genre, having written the pretty spectacular indie film Chronicle and short film The Death & Return of Superman. Max Landis is also a big Batman fan, as he reasons the Dark Knight could single-handedly take out the Avengers (it’s important to note it’s the movie Avengers as there have been many different incarnations of the team over the years).

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And Max Landis laid out exactly how such a fight would go down:

"My opinion on this stems not from my love of preference of individual characters, but rather for how the characters work best. The Avengers work best when vulnerable; Batman works best when he’s written as a domineering and intense force of nature.I think they’d stand a better chance in Round 2, but Round 1 goes like this. Okay, so let’s say The Avengers appear in a city with batman and they fight.In order: Banner gets knock-out darted before he turns into Hulk Iron Man’s suit gets hacked real quick Vision gets EMP’d reeeeal quick Thor gets Batwing’d into a building and then glued down with polymer B Wids and H-Eye get knocked the f out Cap’s a fight but Batman wins Honestly if they fought him one on one it would be a fairer fight because he wouldn’t be able to use the city against them as effectively; that ninja training is gonna be a b*tch for the rough and tumble MCU Avengers. Honestly I like Cap as a character more than I like Batman, I like Iron Man more too."

Would an EMP even work on Vision? Also Banner has a history of getting “knock-out darted” and turning into Hulk anyways. Also Max Landis is assuming Thor can’t take down the Batwing with a good hammer throw (and that magic “polymer” would even hold him for long). Hey Batman can take down his own Justice League, I’m not saying it can’t happen, but Landis’ reasoning is pretty flawed in my opinion.


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