Spider-Man Will Have Help From Friends Keeping NYC Safe


When the new Amazing Spider-Man #1 comes our way in October, things will be a little different for Peter Parker under the creative team of Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli. No, scratch that: a lot different.

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Gone are the days when Peter had to worry about making ends meet. Eight months after Secret Wars, Parker Industries has gone from a tech start-up to a rapidly expanding powerhouse. It’s all thanks to Peter’s own inventions, which makes sense considering the guy invented his own web-shooters as a teenager.

As the head of a company with enough clout to move into the Baxter Building, Peter will also be spending more time on globetrotting adventures. Since Spider-Man has always been synonymous with New York City, that will be a much different status quo. It also raises the question of who will keep the Big Apple safe while he’s away.

Marvel answered that question today in a look at the changes that await in Amazing Spider-Man #1. On the question of who will watch over NYC in Spidey’s absence, it had this to say:

"Never fear—the city has never lacked heroes, especially those of the arachnid variety. When Spider-Man’s on a business trip, Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, and Spider-Man 2099 will step up to save the day."

Can’t fault that logic, especially with Miles Morales being positioned as the Spider-Man of record around New York. Could we see Peter do a semi-formal organizing of the efforts of Miles, Jess and Miguel? That would be cool to see.

Head over to Marvel.com for the entire article which goes into more detail on Spidey’s new costume, the all-new Spider-Mobile (really!) and much more.

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