Max Landis’s Batman v Superman


Since now we know that Batman v Superman is kinda Man of Steel 2, we have to wonder what a followup movie for Superman would be.

Whether it’s the direct sequel to Man of Steel or an indirect one like BvS, screenwriter and son of famous director John Landis, Max Landis knows how he’d set up the next step in the DC Cinematic universe.

"I’ve loved the character of Superman since I was very little. In the wake of destruction of over half of Metropolis at the end of ‘Man of Steel,’ Superman is a universally-reviled figure. Clark Kent…has PTSD and has given up being Superman.He goes to interview Lex Luthor, he doesn’t understand why he’s been chosen. [Luthor] is basically an evil Elon Musk. But when you’re sitting there with him, and he’s Tom Hanks, he seems great.  “I can repair your image. We’re going to start branding you.”Suddenly, we’re getting into all the stuff we never saw in ‘Man of Steel’. Him saving people, him going places [to fix world problems].That’s when a guy breaks into Clark’s home — it’s a guy in a bat costume. “[Batman says] if you work for me instead of Luthor, as an agent of Batman, we can pull together Earth’s greatest heroes.By the time you get to the third act, he’s captured all of them. What you’ve created is a sovereign force. More powerful any that has ever existed on Earth…no nation can stand against us.The last act of the movie is Batman and Superman team up. They free the Justice League, fight Luthor…and for ‘Man of Steel 3,’ I’d want to focus on Justice League vs. Doomsday."

I’m curious about how Chris Terrio has framed the film we’re actually getting, but I would certainly enjoy this incarnation.

You can watch the video interview right here.

Via: Screen Junkies

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