PSA: The Flash Season 1, Arrow Season 3 Out On Blu-Ray, DVD Today


We realize there’s a very good chance you’re on top of such things, but just in case, we wanted to remind you that both Season 1 of The Flash and Season 3 of Arrow are now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment actually prefers more formal names for its TV show releases, so to be precise, you’re looking for The Flash: The Complete First Season and Arrow: The Complete Third Season. We don’t endorse one retailer over another, but it’s worth noting that you can pick both series up on Amazon on Blu-ray right now for $44.96 each, a pretty nice savings over their $60.10 list prices.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t point out that we had a chance to review both Blu-ray sets before they hit stores as well:

Arrow Season 3 Blu-Ray Review

The Flash Season 1 Blu-Ray Review

Honestly, with two weeks still to go before we get new episodes on The CW, you might as well go back and watch last season’s episodes again. The Flash, especially, rewards repeat viewing with some subtle Easter eggs and plot points you may have overlooked the first time.

Happy shopping, if you’re considering adding these to your collection. And no worries — your spouse/partner/significant other/whatever will totally understand that you needed more space for Blu-rays like these. Trust me on that.

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