The Flash #44: Did We Just See The New 52 Origin Of A Famous DC Super Hero?


(Note: This article contains potential spoilers for The Flash #44, which went on sale September 22. Be forewarned if you choose to read on!)

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It’s no secret that Wally West is destined to become the Flash. Even though the New 52 version of the character is quite different from the one fans grew to love as he grew from the original Kid Flash to the one true legacy character who possibly rose to greater prominence than his mentor, we’ve already seen him come from the future to aid Barry Allen — against a future version of Barry, which makes perfect sense if you’ve been reading The Flash.

What we needed is some of the blanks filled in, and specifically, how this Wally ends up with super-speed. And in The Flash #44, which came out today, I believe we have our answer.

Wally has started a work-study program in the CCPD garage, having already established himself as a whiz of a mechanic. Conveniently, that leaves him in proximity of a battle between the Flash and the Acolytes of Zoom, who have rigged a bomb that is powered by the Flash’s own energy.

As Barry struggles against a trap he doesn’t fully comprehend, a huge amount of Speed Force builds up, and while Wally’s CCPD mentor tries to shield him from the chaos, Wally ends up getting blasted in the back by a red lightning bolt.

We don’t see him again after that page, so we’ll have to wait until The Flash #45 or even later to find out if that’s the bolt that gives Wally his super-speed. If I had money to wager and someone would take the action, though, I’d bet that we just saw the birth of the once and future Flash.

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