Agents of SHIELD: See The Opening Scene From The Season 3 Premiere


No reason to twiddle your thumbs until September 29 to see how Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD begins.

Thanks to ABC and The Hollywood Reporter, you can watch the very first scene of Season 3, almost five glorious minutes, right now. It opens with an ominous look at a bottle of fish oil tablets, and then some fire-based destruction.

If you guessed it’s the birth of a new Inhuman, you win the No-Prize right off the bat. The black vans pull up as they often do when government agencies are involved, and lethal force is authorized against this poor guy who’s just trying to get to the hospital.

Since those aren’t icers the agents are firing, you might figure those guys aren’t from SHIELD. And you’d be right again. I don’t want to spoil the rest of it, but you’ll see some cool new tech, Daisy Johnson in full Quake mode, and Constance Zimmer, which is always a good thing. Even Phil Coulson gets into the action for a second.

I like it. Presuming that Agents of SHIELD didn’t blow its whole special effects budget on that opening scene, the Season 3 premiere should be fun. Just one week left …

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