Amazing Spider-Man #2 First Look: Spidey By The Bay


It’s not much use giving Peter Parker a globetrotting set-up for his new Amazing Spider-Man series if he doesn’t … well, trot the globe. So how does a trip to San Francisco sound to start?

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That’s what we’ll see in Amazing Spider-Man #2 by Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli. With The Zodiac attempting to make Parker Industries a target, Peter and his “bodyguard” Spider-Man have been forced to take the threat very seriously. After tracking the group to an underwater base in the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s time for Spidey and the Prowler to pay a little visit.

This is one CEO who might not make such an easy target, though you can forgive The Zodiac for not realizing that. Amazing Spider-Man #2 hits stores and digital on October 21, but as we often do, we’ve got a first look at a few pages for you right here.

A new job description and more global outlook for Spider-Man means new fun, or at least that’s the plan. Check it out and remember, buy Parker Industries!

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