Rumor: Batman in BvS Emphasis Starts Now


The latest rumor around Batman v Superman deals with the alleged focus on Batman that’s been mandated by WB brass.

We’re going to be seeing a lot more of the Caped Crusader leading up to the release, supposedly.

"The following is UNCONFIRMED due to the secretive nature surrounding the DCEU, hence the rumor designation. I originally broke the trailer event that was hosted in Imax theaters back in April so hopefully lightning can strike twice. So take with a grain of salt pending further confirmation.According to a source, Warners is supposedly planning TWO teasers for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice to air on Monday night October 26th, the night of the Supergirl premiere on CBS.Here is the kicker…During Supergirl‘s airing there will be a minute long Batman v Superman teaser trailer focusing solely on Superman!That same night over on FOX during Gotham‘s airing, there would be a minute long Batman v Superman teaser trailer focusing on Batman!The teasers will eventually lead to a new full length trailer to premiere in November on Thanksgiving in front of the theatrical release of Creed. The trailer could also appear in front of Spectre and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.Pretty cool right? Man, I hope this turns out to be true.To recap:1) A minute long BvS teaser trailer focusing on Superman airs Monday October 26 on CBS duringSupergirl.2) A minute long BvS teaser trailer focusing on Batman airs that same night over on FOX duringGotham.3) Both teasers lead to a full new length BvS trailer to be released theatrically in November.Get it? Got it? Good!"

That rumor comes once again from Heroic Hollywood, though the way they plugged it you would think they’d uncovered that Batman dies or something. Either way, DC is finally going to cross-promote their properties if this turns out to be true.

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Stay tuned as more develops!

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