Avengers: Age Of Ultron Honest Trailer Wonders If The Movie Broke Joss Whedon


Fans of the Honest Trailers series know that the Screen Junkies kid because they care. They give the super hero movies we love the benefit of the doubt, and when they pile on with the funny for movies that aren’t as great as we’d hoped, it’s because they’re disappointed too.

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There’s even some serious commentary amid the jokes most of the time, as is the case with the inevitable Avengers: Age of Ultron Honest Trailer they released today. It begins by mentioning Marvel’s hot streak going into Age of Ultron and pondering whether it could live up to such an insane degree of hype. That it didn’t pull it off — as Epic Voice Guy puts it, “It’s definitely good, just not great … You know what I mean? Like, certainly enjoyable, but … you know …” — probably should come as no surprise given the expectations it faced.

The Honest Trailer really seems sympathetic to the no-win situation director Joss Whedon was in. Mentioning that he was “more beat down than ever,” it points out that he had to live up to the fans’ hopes while also working to set up multiple future Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and work in some Disney cross-promotion. It’s no wonder that he turned down the chance to direct the sequel, quit Twitter and has nothing new on his plate.

Did Age of Ultron break Joss Whedon? It’s an interesting if somewhat sad theory that the Screen Junkies worked in there. Maybe we really should offer him a hug next time we see him.

It goes without saying that the remainder of the Honest Trailer is hilarious, and I highly recommend watching it like six or seven times.

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