The Flash: One Week Trailer Shows New Firestorm


Remember when everyone was speculating about how Firestorm could be moving from The Flash to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow without Robbie Amell being part of the show? It was revealed back at Comic-Con that the reason was due to Firestorm getting a new human host, which is something that’s happened several times in the comics.

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The new “One Week” trailer for The Flash, which you can see below, offers several behind the scenes looks at Franz Drameh, the man playing the new Firestorm. His character’s name is said to be Jay Jackson, a former athlete turned mechanic. It’s interesting that the showrunners would choose a new character to merge with Martin Stein after already introducing Jason Rusch on The Flash, but perhaps they just wanted a clean slate — especially in terms of pairing him with Stein, as Rusch was established as someone who was already familiar with the Firestorm research.

Everything else in the trailer is mostly sizzle for the upcoming season, and that’s no pun intended since Cicsco Ramon announces that he’s bringing the heat. This has been a fun 24 hours or so for The Flash fans since a different video also showed us Zoom for the first time.

It’s all building up to the Season 2 premiere of The Flash, which as the video suggests, is only a week away on Tuesday, October 6 at 8 pm.

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