The Flash Season 1 Hits Netflix In October


It’s pretty much what we expected. Without any history to use as a guide, we couldn’t be 100 percent sure when Season 1 of The Flash would zip onto Netflix, but thanks to studying the release history of Arrow on the streaming service, we had a strong suspicion that it would arrive on the same day as Season 2 began airing on The CW.

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As it turns out, that hunch was correct. According to Den of Geek and other outlets, the Season 1 Netflix release date of The Flash is Tuesday, October 6. All 23 episodes from Season 1 will be available for streaming at 12:01 am Pacific time, or 3:01 am Eastern time.

Den of Geek also mentioned that it wouldn’t be enough time to do a marathon of all of Season 1 prior to the Season 2 premiere. We did the math, and they’re right for us in the East: at 47 minutes per episode (the length with the commercials removed), you can get through the entire season in 18 hours and one minute. Even starting promptly at 3:01, you’d be finishing the season finale from last year when you should be watching the first new episode.

For those of you on the West Coast, though, it’s possible, though we don’t necessarily recommend it for health reasons. If anyone is trying it, be sure to let us know!

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