Ugh. All-Star Batman & Robin Coming Back?


If you haven’t read Frank Miller and Jim Lee’s All-Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder, be thankful.

Not only is it not particularly well written, but it also really exposes Frank Miller as the misogynist sleazebag he really is. Observe:

Yeah, classy. Wonder Woman is a man-hating lesbian until she meets Superman. He’s a REAL man.

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Gross. So, the sad news to report is that Jim Lee is working on revisiting the book. In an interview with The Nerdist, Lee talked about the possibility of reuniting with Miller.

"I would love to get back on [All Star Batman & Robin] and close it out. [Frank Miller has] got a great ending to the story and a really cool final scene that was described to me that is just classic.You know, when I worked on All Star Batman & Robin, I was just coming off of maybe four or five years of just working on Batman, and I just kind of hit a wall with it. But now that I’ve taken a break from it — and certainly while working on Batman: Europa — it’ll be kind of cool to jump back on and finish out. At the end of the day, you really want a nice trade and collection edition that tells the whole story, and I would love to finish that. That’ll be fantastic."

Well, I for one ain’t holdin’ my breath.

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