Who Is Chris O’Donnell’s Favorite Batman?


For better or worse, actor Chris O’Donell has a place in comic movie history as the first (and only so far) person to play Batman’s famous sidekick, Robin on the big screen. Chris O’Donnell was Robin in two Batman movies, the campy but fun Batman Forever and of course the one that nearly killed Batman movies for the forseeable future, Batman & Robin. So who is Chris O’Donell’s favorite Batman? Suprisingly, not either of the actors (Val Kilmer & George Clooney) he worked with in his appearances as the boy wonder.

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"For me it will always be Adam West. I loved the show. I just watched a documentary about him and his career and facing the challenge of being Batman. I worked with two very talented actors: Val [Kilmer] and George. We had a lot of fun George and I, but the film was a disaster."

For his part, Adam West seems very pleased with the praise:

Chris O’Donell is currently starring in NCIS: Los Angeles which can be seen Mondays on CBS.

h/t Fox411 & Batman-News

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