Why is Batman v Superman PG-13?


The shady, monolithic organization known as the MPAA seems to constantly set arbitrary standards that lead to movie ratings.

Batman v Superman has officially been rated PG-13, but what lead to that conclusion? This is what they cited:

"Intense sequences of violence and action throughout, and some sensuality"

Huh. ‘Sensuality’? Not sex, but sensuality. OK, so we know that there’s violence just from the title. Unless Batman v Superman is a courtroom procedural, they’re fighting. We know they flash back to the end of Man of Steel with all those people being killed. Since graphic violence isn’t much of an issue, it has to be the ‘sensuality’, right?

Well, that’s sad. Basically, Batman v Superman is PG-13 because people make out. In all likelihood Clark and Lois have a romantic kiss and maybe imply an intimate moment. Not sex, obviously. They would have mentioned that. That means that a handful of romantic scenes – in context – trump the INSANE body count that will appear in the film. The MPAA has no problem showing blood, violence, and mayhem to young people, but Heaven forbid two people fall in love and express it.

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So, remember: violence is PG, kissing or whatever is PG-13. If a boob shows up all Hell would break loose.

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