Batman v Superman: LexCorp Unveils Website & OS


Batman v Superman’s big viral marketing push continues, and it’s all about billionaire wunderkind Alexander Luther Junior so far. First with a profile piece on Forbes website, then “LexCorp” (you know, a company that doesn’t actually exist) is providing WiFi for this weekend’s New York Comic Con, and now LexCorp has an official website along with promises of a new operating system.

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You can check out the website here, though at the moment it’s fairly basic. It does promise more is coming sometime this Winter, so I’d expect a big update before the end of the year. In addition a video was released about LexCorp’s new operating system, “LexOS”, which promises “the world’s most private and secure operating system, engineered with the protection you need — and the freedom you want.” You can check out the video below:

Will this all tie-in to Batman v Superman somehow? Will the OS be a major plot point? I guess we’ll find out when Batman v Superman opens March 25th.

h/t Hollywood Reporter

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