JLA Finally Current as New Batman Joins


One of my biggest pet peeves about the de-emphasis on continuity in DC comics today is that there wasn’t a real way to follow books that crossed characters over.

The Batman books saw Jim Gordon take over as The Dark Knight following the events of Endgame, while Justice League still had Bruce Wayne under the cape and cowl. Was it before Endgame? Was it in the future? DC wouldn’t say, but it was all pretty confusing.

Well, ever since the rumors that DC editorial internally ordered writers to stop ‘Batgirling’ and reign in the different directions each book took characters, things have started to quietly become more streamlined. There’s no better example than how they’ve addressed my aforementioned issue.

The Jim Gordon Batman is now in the Justice League, according to Detective Comics #45.

I’m not sure if this will officially spill over into the actual JLA book, but I’m hoping it will. Continuity was always the backbone of DC comics and it would be a shame if they forgot just who and what they are.

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