NYCC 2015: Highlights From The Bat-Universe Panel


Batman is a big part of this year’s New York City Comic Con (NYCC) with a the Batman v Superman movie coming out and a bunch of big projects just on the horizon. At this year’s NYCC, there was a panel, Batman: The Bat-Universe, which featured Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, “Detective Comics” writer Peter Tomasi, “Grayson” co-writers Tom King and Tim Seeley, lead “Batman and Robin Eternal” writer James Tynion IV, “We Are Robin” artist Khary Randolph and “Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death” writer Amy Chu. We have some highlights from that panel.

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Capullo addressed the issue of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman again:

"That’s not going to happen, but at least you’re going to start to see how much he’s been needed, and how much he’s been missed."

Tynion talked about Batman & Robin Eternal and teased plenty of mystery:

"You guys have no idea what’s in store. It’s going to be a bit more focused and tighter. It’s a paranoid mystery. We brought Cassandra Cain back in to the mix — that might not be the only character we’re bringing back in the story."

Chu said that Poison Ivy: Cycle Of Life And Death will reveal a lot more about the seductive Eco-terrorist:

"We all know her, but we don’t actually know her. This is like the dream gig for any writer. She’s not a psychopath. She has the capability of loving people. I’m going to talk about that in the series, too."

Scott Snyder also promised that 2016 would be a big year for Robin in the main Batman series, but didn’t elaborate.

Those are some of the highlights for the NYCC Bat-Universe panel. Stay tuned to Caped Crusades for all the Bat-tastic news out of NYCC!

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