First Three DC Super Hero Girls Shorts Now Up


The first three shorts from the DC Super Hero Girls series are now available to watch at and on the DC Super Hero Girls YouTube channel.  The three all mostly serve as introductions to Super Hero High and to some of the characters.  Let’s take a look:

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Welcome to Super Hero High

This short really just consists of Principal Amanda Waller along with Gorilla Grodd and Poison Ivy welcoming the incoming students to Super Hero High.  A lot of the characters are introduced in cameo appearances throughout her speech.  The best part has to be Harley Quinn video-bombing the speech.  It’s also cool to get to see a lot of the campus, including the a beautiful outdoor space with a fountain, a couple classrooms, the football field, and of course the castle-like main building.

All About Super Hero High

We get an extensive introduction to Wonder Woman in this second short.  One of my complaints so far about this series is that they strayed away from characters’ ages in canon.  Wonder Woman and Hal Jordan (who we also meet in this short), should not be in high school at the same time as Jinx and Beast Boy.  Yes, that is Greg Cipes reprising his role as Beast Boy from Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!  Wonder Woman is portrayed as extremely naive and a little bit conceited here.  The best parts of this short are Wonder Woman squishing Bumblebee and attacking Hal Jordan upon meeting them and also the fact that Batgirl/Barbara Gordon works in the school’s IT department.  This short is a good bit longer than the other two that have been released.


Here’s another Wonder Woman-centric short, where she gets to know her new roommate at Super Hero High: Harley Quinn.  I still don’t like that they have villains going to a “Super Hero” high school, but they nailed their portrayal of a young Harley.  She wakes Wonder Woman up with a horn, and then proceeds to jump around the room and give Wonder Woman party favors to celebrate their first morning as roommates.  The rest of the short is Harley aggravating Wonder Woman in various ways, until Wonder Woman puts an end to it, but then feels bad and offers to hang out with a clearly lonely Harley.  My favorite bit of this short: when Harley gets trapped in Wonder Woman’s lasso.

I’ll go ahead and give these first three shorts four batarangs out of five.  My favorite of the shorts was “Roomies”, because I really did find Harley quite hilarious in it.  The shorts are clearly geared to a pretty young audience, but there is honestly more depth in them than there is in Teen Titans Go!.  It’s also great to have some more shorts to watch now that the Batman Unlimited series has ended.  And to top it off, the theme song is pretty catchy!