Is Jack Nicholson Getting A Payday For Batman v Superman?


There’s a lot of talk about how sweet a deal Robert Downey Jr. is getting for all the Marvel movies he’s appearing in, but Jack Nicholson may be the king of sweet backend deals because he’s gotten paid for movies he hasn’t even been in, and may even be getting a paycheck for the upcoming Batman v Superman film.

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How is that possible you ask? Well, in 1989, Batman was potentially a huge movie, but also a really big risk. So get to a name star on board like Jack Nicholson to play The Joker, his agent negotiated arguably the mother of all deals. He got $10 million for his role in Batman, which was an incredibly high price for any actor at that time, but also percentage points on the sequels.

Of course, Nicholson only appeared in the original 1989 Tim Burton Batman film. He most definitely got a payday for Batman Returns, which was a direct sequel, and even Batman Forever & Batman & Robin as they were sequels under that same umbrella of movies. Quite the deal.

What is not certain is if the deal is still on-going. It might be different if Batman had changed movie studios, but Batman has always been a Warner Bros. movie property, so it could any Batman movies are technically considered a sequel, meaning Nicholson got money from the Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy even though it was a reboot and in that case he’s probably getting some money for Batman v Superman as well.

A lot of people are getting some pretty hefty paydays when Batman v Superman comes out March 25th, but if Jack Nicholson is getting one, he obviously got the sweetest deal of anybody ever.

h/t Mental Floss

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