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One of the eight writers of the weekly Batman & Robin Eternal series, Steve Orlando, was recently interviewedd by Vaneta Rogers of Newsarama, and he gave some nice tidbits regarding the series.  Batman & Robin Eternal, the sequel to Batman Eternal, will have its second issue out tomorrow.

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The number of contributors to this series is pretty stunning, and Orlando addressed how they were managing having so much talent working on the series at the same time:

"…with Batman and Robin Eternal, because we all wrote the story together, we them are sort of divvying up the issues and giving each writer and artist team a two-issue block of content."

The first issue of Batman & Robin Eternal left us all with a cliffhanger, ending with a panel of Batman apparently shooting the parents of a young boy as a mission for Mother.  Orlando didn’t give much away in this interview regarding this secret of Batman’s, but he did have this to say:

"Batman and Robin Eternal may seem like there are a couple things going on, but it’s all a celebration of Robin and what Robin means — and that includes Bruce’s secret. And it includes the storyline with Mother and what she’s been planning.  You’ve seen that this is something that Bruce considers one of his greatest mistakes, and something that he wishes Dick Grayson never found out about.We’ll peel back the layers and find out what Bruce did, and how it ripples through all the other characters — how it ripples through all the other Robins — and how it connects to Mother."

Check out the full interview at Newsarama, and make sure to read the second issue of Batman & Robin Eternal when it hits shelves tomorrow!

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