Rumor: Fantastic Four Movie Rights Back With Marvel?


UPDATE October 15, 1:20 pm: io9 says via its own “multiple credible sources” that the rumor is false. Our original post on the rumor follows.

All of you who’d like to see the Fantastic Four movie rights back at Marvel — and considering how many people disliked the recent Fantastic Four movie, that’s a lot of you — you might be getting your wish, along with a movie for 2020.

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Den of Geek has perhaps the most interesting rumor out there right now, one that begins with the X-Men-related TV shows that were announced yesterday (Legion and Hellfire) for development at Fox. You might recall that the X-Men movie rights owned by Fox didn’t extend to television, so there was negotiation necessary to make these shows a reality. Well Den of Geek has sources telling it that those X-Men TV rights were essentially traded to Fox in return for getting the Fantastic Four movie rights back.

Not only that, but those same sources claim we could see Marvel’s First Family in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as soon as 2020. That’s probably the easiest part of the rumor to believe since Marvel just revealed three release dates for 2020 that don’t have specific movies attached to them yet. One of them certainly could be a Fantastic Four flick, but that would depend on the accuracy of the rest of this report.

If true, it would likely mean that Marvel could stop burying the FF in comic books as well, which would be amazing news for fans of the team. A triumphant return across all media in the next few years … it’s not that hard to envision, right?

On top of that, while another Fantastic Four reboot in movie form would most likely be unwelcome after the recent Fox effort was a dud, attaching any characters to the MCU automatically gives many fans hope, as evidenced by the frenzy over Spider-Man returning to at least partial Marvel control. It’s too early to get completely excited until any of this is confirmed by Marvel, but as I said before, this is one of the most fun rumors to come our way all year.

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