Batman v Superman Lego Sets Due In January


Batman v Superman is getting close people! We are just over 5 months away from easily the biggest movie in DC history (and possibly comic book movie history as well). And what is a new big movie without Lego sets to go along with it?

Lego is releasing several sets based on the upcoming Batman v Superman movie in January. The best news is these sets seem pretty affordable, as Lego sets can be quite expensive sometimes.

The smallest set will be $14.99 and will include the Batsignal, some kryptonite, a movie-style Superman minifig, and an armored Batman minifig. The next level up will be a set costing $29.99 and will have a batmobile, Batman in his regular suit, a LexCorp vehicle and two henchmen. The largest set at $69.99 will include the Batwing, a LexCorp Helicopter, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and Henchmen minifigs.

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Also , while it may just be included in the set, notice Batman has a Kryptonite gun, something he could possibly be using to take on the Man of Steel in Batman v Superman. There are also several DC Lego sets due out in March with some featuring Batman, but oddly enough none based on the Batman v Superman movie. So if you want to experience Batman v Superman Lego style, you won’t have to wait to long and it won’t make your wallet cry!


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