Batman v Superman Most Expensive Movie Ever?


Movie budgets have been ballooning for years. Ant-Man was considered low-budget for a Marvel movie at $130 million. So with the entire DC movie universe possibly hinging on the success of Batman v Superman, it’s no surprise that a movie of this caliber would have a lot of money behind it But if the rumors are true, Batman v Superman may not only be the most expensive superhero movie ever made, it may rank among the most expensive movies ever made period.

Latino Review is reporting the the big throwdown between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel weighs in at an astonishing $410 million. For some perspective, Avengers: Age Of Ultron could be considered a bargain having a reported budget of $279 million.

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What does $410 million look like on the big screen? Who knows, I doubt it will look significantly more impressive than any other big special effects heavy movie with a massive budget. I’m sure the mindset at Warner Bros. is do whatever it takes to get Batman v Superman off the ground, because it is such a tentpole to the DC universe.

If Iron Man was a bomb, I don’t think that would’ve necessarily doomed Marvel movies as a whole (although Iron Man may not have been so central in the Avengers films) because at the time he was not such a popular character and they had a couple more shots with Captain America and Thor to see if they got it right. Warner Bros. is basically putting their biggest guns into this first shot, if it doesn’t work, it may have a really bad domino affect on their entire comic book movie line-up.

But even if Batman v Superman is a humongous success, that doesn’t mean Warner Bros. will give him a blank check. It’s also rumored that the budget for both Justice League films is set at a much more reasonable $500 million combined. We’ll see if with a bigger cast and presumably a wider array of special effects such a restrained budget…

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