Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 3, Episode 4 Recap – “Devils You Know”


If you ever wanted to see Grand Ward at his most evil, this week’s Agents of SHIELD episode is for you. Plus we get a hefty dose of chasing Inhumans and a look at what Lash can really do.

Not-So-Short Summary: Lash is doing his evil thing and killing all Inhumans he doesn’t deem worthy of their powers, even though these three at the beginning of the episode have been Inhumans since before the Terrigen outbreak. SHIELD just wants to know how Lash keep finding them before anyone else while the ATCU keeps everything hush-hush.

We get another look at Alisha from last season, the woman who can multiply herself. She gives me a Jean Grey vibe, and it’s not just the red hair. One thing she gets from her Inhuman friends before they’re all killed (well, one of her is killed) is that they received a weird email, which SHIELD discovers is a virus planted to trace their whereabouts.

And then May shows up at SHIELD HQ. Hunter is still hellbent on revenge, wanting to get rid of Ward before Bobbi gets back in the field. May stresses her concerns to Coulson that Hunter needs backup, and that’s as far as their conversation gets before it gets way too personal.

Their virus tracer with ATCU leads to a Dwight Frye, who recently became Inhuman and is a divining rod for other Inhumans. We get to see Coulson’s robot hand in action. Dwight gives them the name of Lash, who gave him names of people to send the virus to.

He claims that Lash doesn’t like what he’s doing, but it helps out the Inhumans because it’s not like they chose to be this way. In the aftermath of all the new information, Coulson sends Daisy and Mack with the ATCU.

That’s when we get our first clear impression of Lash. The special effects on his burning-holes-to-make-doors-in-things power is actually really…metaphysical is the only word I can think of, a traced circle with the innards shattering apart and exploding away. Even his blow-holes-in-people power looks sweet, despite the fact that it’s killing people.

We see his shadow as he walks away after killing Dwight go from crazy-looking Inhuman into normal person. Daisy confides this information to Mack and no one else.

Hunter Front: Hunter get his drop date with Hydra where he arrives weaponless at temporary Hydra HQ. And he immediately gets his face-to-face with Ward. Thankfully, May is in the rafters as his backup. While they have Ward cornered, Ward slides out his live feed of men on Andrew. If he doesn’t call them off, Andrew is a dead man.

Hunter can’t take the chance that it’s a fake and goes after Ward, getting a shot into his shoulder before he leaps out a window to safety. But that means Baby Von Strucker pulls the trigger on Andrew, metaphorically speaking. No, it looks like he was stabbed, but that detail doesn’t matter because Baby Von Strucker runs away from the convenience store as it bursts into flames.

Let’s see what May does in response.

Simmons Front: She gets a shrink session with Andrew, where he tries to tell her that it’s natural to have some form of PTSD from being on an alien planet alone for an extended period of time. She constantly brushes it off until she confesses that she did give up hope. She even manages to freak out at Bobbi and Fitz when Fitz discovers her studies on the Obelisk.

Post-Credits Stinger: Fitz sees the schematics and the data Simmons has been doing and he doesn’t understand why she wants to open the portal. She tells him that she has to go back, and she needs his help to do it. Something happened to her on the other side and now she’s going to tell him the truth about everything. But not before we fade to black!

Badass Moment of the Week: Hunter shooting Ward in the shoulder. Hey, he got a shot in!

Best One-Liner: “Do you really have a laser finger?” Rosalind asks.
“Sorry, it’s classified,” Coulson remarks.

Bobbi’s stare could give Mike Babcock a run for his money (hockey reference probably only four people get). Seriously, when Fitz gave her the lowdown on where Coulson was going, that look could kill a basilisk.

One big question I’ll be covering in this week’s brainstorm: Why didn’t Lash come after Daisy?

What is it with evil guys and escaping in the back of trucks? That being said, Grant Ward is so horribly, horribly evil and I cannot believe how much I love it.

One thought that struck me in the middle of the episode: So May thinks Hunter is in too deep even though it’s only been like…two weeks? Has he even been on a mission yet or is this the first one? Does May have cold feet? Or is she just itching to get back in the fight and it hurts that she can’t distract herself from personal issues with lots of badassery? Or is she just not underestimating Ward?

Next week’s Agents of SHIELD gives us an up close look at what Simmons had to go through on that alien planet. I doubt any of my theories are correct, but I can hold out hope, can’t I?

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