New Images from Batman v Superman!


Between New York Comic Con and the upcoming ratings cash cow that is the football season, DC and WB are starting to pull out all the stops when it comes to plugging Batman v Superman.

The latest images and details about the upcoming superhero epic come from Total Film Magazine, and they’ve got some great new looks at DC’s Trinity.

The issue is out this Friday and promises ‘complete access to the ultimate caped clash’, but we’ll be the judges of that.

It’s understandable why the studio has been peppering the last year or so with snippets and teases from the film, since it was announced a long, long time ago. Attention spans aren’t what they used to be and DC Films wants Batman v Superman to stay fresh in everyone’s mind.

Too little coverage and everyone forgets it’s even happening. Too much and everyone will be burned out before the film hits screens. The sweet spot with films like this is to do something similar to what Lucasfilm has done with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There weren’t very many trailers, nor where there too many plot leaks or spoilers. They blew us away with the announcement (you should have been there for the outdoor celebration at Comic-Con this summer) then let it build its own hype. For the most part.

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Thankfully we have until March of 2016 to see if WB and DC can keep us interested without burning us out. As long as they don’t give away too much in the trailers like A LOT of Hollywood films, the anticipation of seeing the Trinity on screen together for the first time should carry it a long, long way.

IF they can pull this film off successfully (I’m looking at you, Man of Steel) then the DC Cinematic Universe is sitting in better shape. The anticipation for Suicide Squad and Justice League will rival Avengers: Infinity War.

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