Dark Knight III Is A ‘Celebration’


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Dark Knight III: The Master Race comes out next month. There has been a bit of controversy with Dark Knight III, since Frank Miller hasn’t had the best public image in the last few years and has been highly criticized for some of the recent promo art he showed off for Dark Knight III. But DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee assures that not only is Dark Knight III awesome, it’s also a celebration of Frank Miller’s career:

"It’s an astonishing accomplishment, and it’s an amazing story. We’re eager to see it come out — we want to share it with everyone! We’ve seen and read many issues. We’ve seen and read the entire outline. Frank did the mini-comic for the first issue, he’s doing variant covers. It’s a real celebration of everything he’s achieved with the character, and contributed to the business of comics. I think it’s going to be a great celebration."

Jim Lee was also at the recent unveiling of Bob Kane’s star on the walk of fame, and despite all the flak Kane has gotten for cutting co-creator Bob Finger out of any credit for Batman’s creation, Lee had plenty of positive things to say about him:

"First off, without Bob Kane, there’s no Batman. The fact that he had collaborators like Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson, Dick Sprang — if you’re going to have a character last 76 years, you’re going to need scores of great creators coming on and adding to the mythology. I think that’s the fun part of what we do. And I wouldn’t end with that list. I would go to Denny O’Neil, Neal Adams and Frank Miller. These people have stood on the shoulders of the giants that preceded them, who stood on the shoulders of the giants that preceded them — who stood on the shoulders of Bob Kane."

I think Lee is right in giving Kane his due as co-creator, that never really was in question. The problem is that Finger added so much and didn’t get his due credit until recently. It’s not the same as even Robinson or Sprang, they weren’t their at the conception of the idea. Basically, if Bob Kane wasn’t a legendary asshole, this wouldn’t even be an issue.

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