Zack Snyder: Affleck Wasn’t The Batman I Imagined


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Zack Snyder always wanted an older Bruce Wayne for Batman v Superman, so Ben Affleck was always a top choice for him. But Zack Snyder admits that while finalizing Batman’s costume design for Batman v Superman, the design wasn’t something he could claim total ownership of:

"He wasn’t really the Batman I had imagined. Bob really had put him there in my mind, through years of TV shows, comic books, movies. I realized that we all — every single one of us — has a Batman, an imaginary Batman, in our minds. lurking in the shadows."

I hate to keep beating the Bob Finger drum here, but with all the press about Bob Kane and how little of it (and the people responsible for both DC’s cinematic and comic book future) still seems to focus on him as the creator of Batman, it’s a bad narrative. Bob Kane deserves co-creator credit all the way, it was a collaborative effort. But the key word there is “collaborative” and people like Zack Snyder & Jim Lee should be aware of and acknowledging that, especially in light of the fact that Finger’s contributions weren’t acknowledged for decades and have really only been officially acknowledged recently.

In case you have any doubts of what a difference Bill Finger made to Batman, here’s Batman as he would’ve existed if Bob Kane had gone with his original design:

So no, Zack Snyder, Bob Kane didn’t put Batman into your mind, it’s Bill Finger’s design that put him into your mind, otherwise it would be a blond dude in a red suit with bat wings. Give Bob Kane credit sure, but give Bill Finger his due as well.

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