Is Batman In Wonder Woman?


Batman sure gets around in the DC cinematic universe. Of course he’s a major player in Batman v Superman (and the upcoming Justice League films) but he’s also got at least a small part in the Suicide Squad movie. And now, JoBlo is reporting the Dark Knight will be making an appearance in Wonder Woman’s upcoming solo flick!

The rumor is essentially that Wonder Woman will take place in two distinct time periods, World War One & present day. Without getting too much into Wonder Woman’s plot (which you can read about over at JoBlo), the present will take place a few months before Batman v Superman, and Wonder Woman will meet Batman. He won’t be massively involved in the film, he may just basically introduce himself at the end of the movie, which leads to these two heroes already knowing each other in Batman v Superman. Given that Batman v Superman is out in March, we’ll be able to see that for ourselves soon enough.

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I’m sort of split on how I feel about this honestly. If this eliminates a lot of bulky exposition from Batman v Superman (i.e. it’s easy to just have Wonder Woman show up and quickly establish that she & Batman already know each other), that’s great. On the other hand, if this is basically making Batman the Nick Fury of the DC Universe, I think we may be in danger of over-exposure. I don’t want Batman in EVERY DC movie. Will he be popping up in Cyborg & Aquaman as well? I know that if Batman shows up in the recently announced Green Lantern Corps movie, they are really overdoing it with him.

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