Spoilers: Batman v Joker in Justice League Darkseid War


A lot of people are confused by where Justice League: Darkseid War fits into DC Continuity. Hell, a lot of people are confused as to whether or not there IS a DC Continuity now.

The DC Comics brass has said after Convergence that the publisher would de-emphasize canon and for readers not to worry about where stuff ‘fits in’. Unfortunately, that’s not something that works for fans – especially DC fans – because the readers who want to follow a narrative and have been invested in a story no have to follow a different story that either is set before or after the mainstream Batman book.

Either way that means that one or both of the books can’t have long lasting impact. That makes me, for one, not really care bout them.

If you don’t know what’s happening the long and short of it is that Bruce Wayne is no longer Batman (nor does he remember being Batman) due to the events of Endgame – his final conflict with the Joker. Jim Gordon is now a mechanized Dark Knight.

Over in Justice League Batman has been granted near omnipotence by being granted possession of New God Metron’s chair. Oh, but Bruce Wayne is still (or again) Batman and Superman has either regained or yet to lose his powers.

To further aggravate Batman fans, JL writer Geoff Johns has now teased HIS big, final(?) confrontation between Batman and the Joker.

Justice League: Darkseid War – Batman has some great moments, like the newly god-like Bruce Wayne confronting Joe Chill – the murderer of his parents – by taking him to the scene of the crime and revealing his identity to him.

It give Bruce the opportunity to strike fear in the heart of the man who shaped his life in a way that could more effectively change his perspective. The moment turns out to be ineffective and Batman uses the Mobius chair to wipe Chill’s memory of the whole event.

The crazy, frustrating part of the whole arc is how Johns addresses Batman’s new found foresight to track down the Joker. Not only does he supposedly discover the real identity of the Joker through the chair (which he chooses not to believe)…

…but he’s decided he can use its abilities to track down the Clown Prince of Crime once and for all. Again. Or for the first time.


So, according to these panels all of the Joker stories we’ve had over the years ARE in continuity. Which means there IS a continuity. It shows a cover from Death of the Family but, stops short of Endgame. That means we still have no idea when this takes place. Great.

The confusing state of Justice League will continue into next year. Justice League: Darkseid War oneshot is out today.

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