Batman Solo Film Spoilers??


I know, I know. The Batman solo film hasn’t even been officially confirmed by DC Films or Warner Bros, but a lot about it has supposedly been leaking out.

First it was the rumor that it would be written and directed by Ben Affleck himself – possibly as part of the agreement they made to bring him on board for the DC Cinematic universe. Then came word that DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns would be co-scripting the project with Affleck.

Now we’ve heard an interesting series of possible spoilers about what the movie may actually be about and who may pop up as the Caped Crusader’s foil.

According to JoBlo the latest possibility is that former Robin (former because he was killed by the Joker) Jason Todd would return to life as The Red Hood to take revenge on both Joker and Batman for putting him in harm’s way to begin with.

If you aren’t aware, this is essentially the plot of both the comics and the DC animated film Under the Red Hood. Jason was resurrected by Ra’s al Ghul’s Lazuras Pit and wandered the Earth until his consciousness returned fully.

This is troublesome for a few reasons. One, according to almost everything we’ve seen from Batman v Superman, there is a dead Robin, but it’s Dick Grayson. How do I know that? Because almost a year ago we posted spy photos from the set in which Bruce Wayne visits Grayson’s grave, not Todd’s. We were ordered to take the post down by WB Entertainment on threat of legal action. Most people haven’t seen those pictures.

Two, I’m not sure if DC Films really wants to go down the Ra’s al Ghul path again so soon and especially to now say he’s a magical character all of the sudden. That wouldn’t jive well with what Christopher Nolan did or what’s currently happening in Arrow.

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There is a possibility, of course, that Dick Grayson becomes The Red Hood and that there is no Jason Todd. That would actually make a lot of sense, but sadly we won’t know any of it until we get closer to the film’s release.

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