Azzarello and Kubert Reveal New Details on DKIII


It’s officially November, which means that the first issue of the final chapter in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Trilogy is on the way!  Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 hits comic shops on the 25th, and co-writer Brian Azzarello and artist Andy Kubert recently sat down with Vaneta Rogers of Newsarama and revealed some new details about what Bat-fans can expect.

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With The Dark Knight Returns now 29 years old, fans wonder how a third installment can remain in the same universe while being attuned to modern times.  Chronologically, DKIII is supposed to take place six years after The Dark Knight Returns, but Azzarello said:

"It’s like our world.  It’s like the other two. Dark Knight is very attuned to the political and the social scene of the time when it’s being produced. So we’re very plugged in in that way.  It’s not 1992, which would be six years after the original thing. It’s now. But we’re not too beholden to things. And we didn’t want to get retro with it either.  We say three years. It’s actually 30 years since the first one. We’re not looking to comment on, like, Reagan era America. That’s been done — very well, in the first one."

Something else that stood out from this interview was what Azzarello had to say regarding the title “The Master Race.

"It’s a provocative title. We know that. And it will make sense. It’s provocative, but we didn’t use it just to provoke. We thought about it. At least I did.  I thought about it when Frank said, “We’re going to call it The Master Race.”  I’m like, “Are you sure you want to do that? I would call it ‘World’s Finest.'”"

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You can read the interview with Newsarama in full here.  Despite the failure that was The Dark Knight Strikes Again, I’m definitely excited to read DKIII!  I am eager to see a great conclusion to this universe, and DC has been clearly putting a lot of their marketing resources towards this project.  Let me know in the comments if you are also excited for it,
and be sure to keep it locked to Caped Crusades for more DKIII coverage up through the release later this month.