New DC DVD/Action Figure Combos At Toys ‘R Us


Hey it’s November already! Time to start thinking about gifts for holidays, and one great idea for somebody who loves both action figures and comic book movies is the always awesome combo of movies and action figures together. And Warner Bros., NECA and Toys ‘R Us are teaming up to give you wide selection of movies and figures bundled together that you can purchase later this month.

These figure/DVD combos are available to order either at Toys ‘R US or Warner Bros. Ebay page. They will start shipping on November 7th. The action figure/DVD bundles all run $29.99. The figures you can get are Adam West Batman, Christopher Reeve Superman, Heath Ledger Joker or a giant Batman or Superman HeroClix. And here’s the full list of DVDs:

"Batman ForeverThe Dark Knight RisesMan of SteelThe Dark KnightBatman (1989)Batman and RobinLego Batman: The MovieBatman Begins"

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Obviously there are some really solid movies in there, but also a couple questionable ones. I mean, Do any of these figures go with Lego Batman: The Movie? Or does a figure based on the 1960s Batman TV show fit with any of these films for that matter? And would anyone in their right mind buy a copy of Batman & Robin, if they have any other options at all?

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Also disappointing is the fact that there are no blu-ray options for any of these combos. Most of these movies are pretty old, with the most recent being Lego Batman: The Movie from 2013. Still, not bad gift idea for a comic book fan if the don’t have any of the films listed.

h/t ComicsAlliance