LEGO Spoilers for Batman v Superman?


Did LEGO just give us spoilers for Batman v Superman?

In a leaked merchandise solicitation for the newest set, the film tie-in depicts an aerial battle between Superman, Batman in the new Batwing, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor…in a kryptonite helicopter?

OK…That’s a little odd. I anticipate that there will be some sort of climactic fight involving the Trinity coming together to defeat Luthor’s scheme, sure. But a kryptonite helicopter?

The way I see it there are 2 equally plausible explanations for this. Either the studio wanted a more kid-friendly set that didn’t include Doomsday, OMAC or whatever the final Big Big Luthor throws at the heroes, OR LEGO wants to sell that separately. In both of those cases the chopper would likely be an invention of the set designers and not likely be in that movie. Because…come on.

I seriously doubt that a movie of this size, and with the glowing reviews that have supposedly come out early, would  ruin a massive project like that with something so cheesy. Sure, the scene could involve kryptonite. Or a helicopter. Or both in SOME way. It’s doubtful, though, that it’s what we see here.

There is a 3rd option, I suppose. If the studio was finally wise enough to catch on to leaks like this then they may have held back the villain-thing from the play set. They could feasibly be giving us a red herring  with the green flying machine so they can keep a lid on the climax of the film as long as they could.

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In any event, the likelihood of Lex Luthor laughing maniacally from behind the controls of a kryptonite helicopter seems small. Unless the title of the next film is Justice League: Dawn of the Superfriends, I imagine that this scene will be a lot different than what’s been shown.

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But I also have a feeling we’ll find out before BvS hits screens in March.