Gotham: Barbara Is ‘Sane In A Very Insane Way’


With Jerome dead and gone, James Gordon has one less psycho obsessed with him to deal with. But in Gotham, there is no shortage of those, and right at the top of the list is former fiance turned psychotic murderer Barbara Kean!

But ever since breaking out of Arkham Asylum at the start of season two, Barbara Kean has mostly sat on the sidelines, “sleeping a lot” as Tabitha Galavan has said. Well in tomorrow’s episode of Gotham, “Tonight’s The Night”, Theo Galavan is finally putting Barbara in play with the ultimate goal of killing James Gordon since the detective finally put two and two together and rather unwisely told Gotham’s new mayor that he was going to take him down.

In an interview with TV Line, actress Erin Richards, who plays Barbara Kean, was asked if Barbara has any sanity left:

"I think she’s completely sane, in a very insane way. If you were to ask her, she would say that she’s completely within her rights to be doing what she does, but from the outside it might look like she goes completely nuts. But she’s got a definite plan. She’s a woman on a mission, right from the start of the episode. Now, it probably doesn’t end exactly how she wanted it to, but…. There’s a definite ending."

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Well while Gotham has given us plenty of unexpected deaths this season, we know James Gordon is safe, he’s the star of the show (at least until Bruce Wayne gets a little older I’d imagine). But is Barbara Kean? They don’t seem horribly concerned with making Batgirl a thing that could happen in the future. And really, aside from being the mother of Batgirl, Barbara Kean/Gordon has never played a particularly important role, especially outside of comics (i.e. Gordon was a widower in the seminal Batman: The Animated Series).

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Will Barbara Kean survive tomorrow’s episode of Gotham? If so, where does she go from here? Will she continue to be part of Theo Galavan’s plans assuming she lives, or will she strike out on her own chaotic path? Tune in to Fox tomorrow night for “Tonight’s The Night” to find out!