Get A Peek At Arkham Knight’s November DLC


The  latest Arkham insider video shows off some footage from the upcoming Catwoman & Batman v Superman DLC for Arkham Knight.

Some new Arkham Knight DLC drops next week that includes some action for both Catwoman and some Batman v Superman material. The newest Arkham Insider video details this DLC check it out below:

While focusing more on stealth certainly seems more up Catwoman’s alley, I’m not a big fan of stealth gameplay where where the fail state is merely you being spotted and you have to try all over again. Catwoman is no pushover, she might have to be a little more careful about it than Batman, but she could still take the guards out, so forcing you to strictly do stealth seems dumb.

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I also really hope this Catwoman DLC is longer than the other story DLC for Arkham Knight so far. Nearly all of it was incredibly short and disappointing. November’s DLC offering may mitigate that by offering two story DLCs. In addition to Catwoman’s story, you also get a Robin DLC called “Flip of The Coin”, where he goes up against Two-Face. There was a bit of that shown in the video, but they didn’t go into detail.

I honestly feel the Batman v Superman DLC, which is just a track and some skins, is a waste (at least not really worth dedicating an entire half a video segment to). The race tracks were easily the worst part of Arkham Knight for me, I didn’t even rescue Catwoman even though I managed to make it to the final track, which was just too aggravating in my humble opinion.

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The November batch of Arkham Knight DLC hits this Tuesday, November 24th. That will be followed in December by Arkham Knight’s first major expansion, Season Of Infamy, which will feature new villains for Batman to tackle in Most Wanted missions.