Jena Malone Still Isn’t Talking About Batman v Superman


Jenna Malone will talk about lots of stuff regarding Batman except her role in the Batman v Superman movie

We know Jena Malone has a role in Batman v Superman, but nobody, including and especially Jena Malone herself, is willing to talk about it at all. Is she a hero? Is she a villain? Is she some random hot dog vendor on the street? Nobody is telling.

In an interview with, mainly pertaining to the latest Hunger Games movie, Mokingjay Part 2, Jena Malone still refused to even give the slightest hint about what her role in the upcoming superhero rumble film might be. She did talk about who her favorite actor to play Batman is though:

"Well, now, I mean… Christian Bale. But when I was younger, Michael Keaton for sure. He was in all my favorite films when I was younger, you know? He was Beetlejuice and Batman. You can’t top that."

Jena Malone also mentioned that while she was mostly a Disney girl growing up she was a huge fan of Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance as Catwoman in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns.

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So who do you think Jena Malone i playing in Batman v Superman? Odds are she is playing on of Batman’s female allies. Carrie Kelley, the only female Robin to date in the comics, is a name has been thrown around, which with Ben Affleck playing an older experienced Batman, would certainly make sense. After all, Batman v Superman clearly draws a lot of inspiration from Frank Millers seminal Dark Knight Rises.

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Another likely name that has been thrown around is Barbara Gordon, but which Barbara Gordon is in question. Is it Barbara Gordon who has never been a superhero? Is is Batgirl? or is it Oracle? Jena Malone could be any one of those. Personally the Batgirl option is the most exciting to me because that means Batgirl is in the DC movie unierse and could get her own movie down the line. Not that it couldn’t happen anyways but Jena Malone seems pretty ideal for that role. We’ll find out for sure when Batman v Superman opens March 25th.